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Dedicated to the Women of Metal...

Kill Me with Your Thoughts....

The First Ladies of Metal
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Check out www.metalgirls.com for inspiration. It's a great site. French/English. I just think that the Front Women of Doom, Symphonic, Operatic, Black, Gothic, and Other Metal deserve to have a shrine devoted to them. There probably are other communities for them, and now we have this one, as well. I won't post rules, because I want this to be a free and open environment. This community's focus will hopefully mainly be on European Metal bands with female vocalists. I.E: After Forever, Tristania, Within Temptation, The Gathering, Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil, Lacrimosa, Nightwish, Sins of the Beloved, Dreams of Sanity, and basically another other bands a person wants to discuss or share. I would like to get features like icons, pics, info, and articles available to members of this community, and since I neither have the time, nor patience for creating icons, I figure I'd leave it open to the creativity of the community. I have met people who make beautiful icons. I would like to have your talents showcased. The only reason I am screening membership is simply that I'd like to know some personal stuff about you...what you like, what you don't and why you like or dislike things. I'm not planning on turning anyone down at all. This is basically publicly private, heh. Just ask and ye shall receive! This group is for those wanting to become involved with female fronted metal bands, or you crafty veterans. This should be a place of enlightenment. Criticism is allowed, however unnecessary attacks on an individual's personality is not. You will receive warnings, don't worry. If you reform or apologize, no problem. I am laid back, and I just want to bring people with a common interest together. This is my first created community. Please me make it a good one. Oh, and I'm open to talk of metal bands from Europe with no female singers, as well. All good metal is welcome here. Metal is love. Thank you so much! Below, I will put a few questions I would like you to answer when you request to join...use an LJ cut if you know how. I am not anal retentive about them, though, so I will not bother to put instructions...

These are questions that are more of a survey than an "application." Have fun, it shouldn't be too tedious. You can title this post..."About Me" or something along those lines.


1. What drew you into the metal scene/female fronted metal scene?

2. List a few of your favourite bands, please.

3. List a few of your least favourite bands, if you like.

4. If you are able to do so, pick your favourite female fronted metal band...I know, it's hard for most people! (And if you are unexperienced with female fronted metal bands and looking to expand your horizons, don't worry, we'll direct you toward some great music!)

5. List some of your favourite songs by metal bands...or just in general.

6. If you cannot answer #5, maybe you can answer this, or both: Who is your favourite metal band female vocalist? So many to choose from. Just tell the name and the band they are from, please.

7. Have fun in my community. That's a command, not a question. *cracks whip* Heh, kidding. But seriously, try to have fun.

8. Oh, and new question: How did you find out about this community?

Oh and PS. If you need any help with the initial post, do not hesitate to Instant Message or email me...or sign my LJ (twowintersonly).

And furthermore, it would be lovely if you could promote this community in at least,one place, like your user info for example...but it is not required. If you don't know how to make the code for the banner, ask me for it, and I will provide.

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