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intro questions

I don't think I did this, and I love these things so ya' go. Keep in mind I'm from Texas and there is next to no Fem-metal that gets radio airplay.

1. What drew you into the metal scene/female fronted metal scene?

I found a cd wallet on the side of the road and picked a random cd to listen to - turned out to be Nightwish - Once. There's no going back to mainstream after that

2. List a few of your favourite bands, please.

Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever, Delain, Leaves' Eyes, a local femmetal band called Estrum

3. List a few of your least favourite bands, if you like.

I'm not a big fan of the growling/screaming vocals of some metal and femmetal bands.

4. If you are able to do so, pick your favourite female fronted metal band...I know, it's hard for most people! (And if you are unexperienced with female fronted metal bands and looking to expand your horizons, don't worry, we'll direct you toward some great music!)

Nightwish - for sure! I've gone full on fan wacko for them. I check their website everytime I get online for new relase and tour information.

5. List some of your favourite songs by metal bands...or just in general.

I'm a Metallica fan from way back (And Justice for all... was the first tape I ever owned) so my favorite song is Wolf and Man if you just want general metal. Or Danzig - Mother. Or Sonata Artica - Replica
My favourite Nightwish song changes every month, but right now is Crownless or Sahara
Other band that I put on my fav's is Epica - Solitary Ground, Delain - The Gathering, WT - Mother Earth
I could go on and on with this one :)

6. If you cannot answer #5, maybe you can answer this, or both: Who is your favourite metal band female vocalist? So many to choose from. Just tell the name and the band they are from, please.

I love Simone Simmons! I think she is the coolest chick ever to don a corset! Great voice, bad-ass style, and the best hair in metal!
I also love both Tarja and Anette as vocalist.

7. Have fun in my community. That's a command, not a question. *cracks whip* Heh, kidding. But seriously, try to have fun.

If you insist.

8. Oh, and new question: How did you find out about this community?

I think I just searched Nightwish
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