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Name: Taylor
Age: 14 (Hey, just 'cause I'm young doesn't mean I don't know good music when I hear it. Not all of us are teenieboppers.)
Location: Dark Side Of The Moon or Texas.

1. What drew you into the metal scene/female fronted metal scene?
Um, a friend turned me on to Evanescence a few years ago and it just kinda grew from there. 

2. List a few of your favourite bands, please.
Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Otep, Emilie Autumn

3. List a few of your least favourite bands, if you like.
Megadeth, Paramore, The Jonas Brothers

4. If you are able to do so, pick your favourite female fronted metal band...I know, it's hard for most people! (And if you are unexperienced with female fronted metal bands and looking to expand your horizons, don't worry, we'll direct you toward some great music!)
Currently it's Nightwish or Emilie Autumn, but it changes a lot.

5. List some of your favourite songs by metal bands...or just in general.
"No Leaf Clover" Metallica, "Stars" Lacuna Coil, "Aquarius" Within Temptation, "Dead Gardens" Nightwish

6. If you cannot answer #5, maybe you can answer this, or both: Who is your favourite metal band female vocalist? So many to choose from. Just tell the name and the band they are from, please.
Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation

7. Have fun in my community. That's a command, not a question. *cracks whip* Heh, kidding. But seriously, try to have fun.
O_O well, then. I will!  

8. Oh, and new question: How did you find out about this community?
I searched 'Within Temptation'.
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